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Would you like to learn the double bass, electric bass or improve your bass chops if you are a beginner or advanced?
This is the right place for you.

My classes are flexible in person or Online. We will cover  various topics to cover such as:

- African music, groves and polyrhythms
- Jazz bass basic to advanced concepts
- Blues and Rock & Roll
- Rock groves
- Latin and Afro Caribbean groves
- Classical double bass techniques.
Feel free to PM me for more info and details.

During the lessons we will work on a multitude of ways to improve your performance whether you just like to play in your practice room or whether playing with other mates, we explore all the possibilities

I will take into account your level of proficiency, so whether you are a beginner or advanced there's always enough materials to explore to further your development.

- Instrument setup
- Basic and how to begin
- We'll look at the necessary tools for achieving a good sound on your instrument,
- Using the Piano as a tool for insight into structures of harmony on the bass; and to your advantage on the gig, or at jams.
- Using the Drums as a tool for insight into structures of rhythm on bass
- Learning and retaining jazz standards or pop songs.
- Understanding the use of harmonic and rhythmic choices while accompanying a soloist.

The duration of the lessons vary between 30, 45, and 60min each.

Please feel free to contact me for lesson inquiries.

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